Thursday, April 1, 2004

• Track's been laid for all of the lower level. One siding is missing and some tracks still need to be spiked down permanently. Operation is possible to Los Gatos and back.
• Rough scenery and fascia panels are in progress.
• Track on the upper level is in through Wrights, but still needs some work before trains can climb the hill without problems.
• Roadbed is in through Glenwood; once the return loop on the Sunset Park spur is wired, it'll be easier to run trains up the hill without having to back them down the helix.

Here's a photo along the Auzerias St. section. The tracks to the left on the lower level are the Del Monte Cannery. At the bottom of the picture, the San Carlos Street overpass will cross the tracks. At the far end of the photo, the tracks curve off to Campbell on the other side of the backdrop. The upper level benchwork will be Glenwood.