Friday, October 16, 2015

Hart Convertible Gondolas: Press "Buy" Now!

Built-up SP W-50-3 Hart convertible gondola kit.

If you've liked the Southern Pacific W-50-3 Hart convertible gondolas I've been 3d printing and wished you could have one for your layout, today's your lucky day!

I'm now selling the SP Hart gondolas as kits. Price will be $32 for the body, instructions, and decals. You can get either models with the hopper doors open for ballast dumping, or with the hopper doors closed for gondola use or side dumping. You'll need to provide trucks, couplers, wire, end steps, brake wheel, and a bit of styrene strip. See the Dry Creek Models website for more information, or drop me a note at

I'll be sharing some stories of manufacturing these kits over at the Dry Creek Models blog, so keep an eye over there if you're interested in the cars I'm making or for more details about 3d printing. I'll continue to talk about random adventures in 3d printing here, as well as sharing the usual updates on the model railroad and San Jose history.