Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Progress on Campbell's "Glass Block" Building

I've started assembling the curved-front "Glass Block" building for the first time. The first photo shows the scribed 0.030 inch styrene walls. The upper cutout is the inner wall, and the lower one is the outer wall. I did two pieces so I could bend the walls easier, and the main window opening in the inner wall is smaller so that the scribed clear plastic can be glued in flush with the outer wall. The tile crosses at the top of the wall were scribed in lightly; the window and door openings were scribed twice, and the outer wall boundaries were scribed once. I snapped the plastic along the scribe lines.

That sheet actually had to be tossed out; I didn't scale it large enough in Sure Cuts a Lot, so it was about 15% undersize.

This second photo shows the model as it appears tonight. The roof and floor pieces were cut from 0.060 inch styrene by the Cricut; the notches around the edge gave me a place to glue styrene uprights to hold the floor and ceiling apart. The two layers of the building front then were glued to the floor and ceiling. Those nice tile crosses got messed up in this cut somehow, and I'm still not sure what happened. The storefront entrance at the right is multiple layers: the outer wall sheet forms the outer surface, a smaller inner piece (also cut on the Cricut) forms the inner window and door panes, and scale 4x4 styrene framed the doors and windows.

I've also scribed the glass block wall on clear styrene, and I'll glue it in after spray-painting the whole model with a base color. The roof will be finished with black construction paper to simulate tarpaper, hopefully cut on the Cricut to shape.

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