Monday, February 22, 2010

"Wow, you modeled Plant 51 without modeling the funky smokestack? You must not be a serious modeler!"

Great, just what I needed. A new picture of Del Monte Plant 51 from the track side that doesn't quite look like the model I built.

1 comment:

  1. Good details to steal:
    1) Ivy about windows on the low portion.
    2) Overhangs the full length of the building.
    3) Higher building in back with the "CALIFORNIA PACKING CORPORATION" lettering.
    4) Lettering at ground level with the Del Monte logo and description of their products. (look between the cars.)
    5) Smokestack!

    Nice details I've already got:
    1) Parallel tracks so that cars on either track can be loaded via plates between cars.
    2) Pile of dirt - I wonder if it's for raising the ground level?

    I'm guessing this is about 1926, for that's when they built the larger building to the north, and it definitely looks under construction.