Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Scenery's Going In at Vasona Junction!

The Vasona Junction scene is a bear to photograph because of the low upper deck, the narrowness of the scene, the curved location, and the holes through the backdrop for the tail of the Vasona Junction wye. While I can model prototype scenes, trying to model prototype scene *locations* is near impossible because of the location of the backdrop.

At least I solved the light problem - while I was at our local Fry's Electronics, I found that they had LED light sticks intended for lighting tricked-out PC cases. For $6, I had a 12" plexiglass tube with 19 LEDs inside, ready to be powered from the same 12 volt source that powers the Tortoises. The color of the LEDs doesn't quite match the warm white fluorescent strip fixtures I normally use to light the lower deck, but there's so little room at Vasona Junction that any tiny fixture is an improvement.

Here's a few photos showing Vasona Junction:

Winchester Road and orchards.

Vasona Junction station sign at the Los Gatos end of the wye. The trees in the back are Woodland Scenics "Fine-leaf foilage".

Winchester Road, the Los Gatos - Cupertino wye leg, and the Los Gatos - Campbell leg in the foreground. The semaphore is a non-operating plastic kit because the staging tracks underneath won't permit a semaphore mechanism.

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