Friday, January 13, 2012

Dateline: San Jose

And for a final post tonight, I'll throw in references to some breathless news articles I'd run across in the last couple weeks.

February 24, 1928: SP TO ASK FRANCHISE MONDAY, IS RUMOR. See also the article on the brazen Berkeley women who found San Jose a much less pleasant place to shoplift, and the conclusion of the Great Willow Glen Dog Hospital crisis (which started a few weeks earlier with the WILLOWS ACTS TO BAR DOG HOSPITAL, SICK PETS ARE HELD MENACE headline.

May 25, 1934: Conference to Speed Up R.R. Work Planned. San Jose tries to force SP to finish the bypass around San Jose so they can start building the Bayshore Highway.

February 15, 1928: The West San Jose area near the Del Monte plant had its own nickname: Pinard's Island. Although unincorporated, it was finally getting door-to-door mail service.

Also February 15, 1928: the prunes finally sold. "Time and good, careful management have brought about a great change. In a very short time the entire 1926 crop was disposed of, being exported to Germany, where it will not interfere with the sale of the 1927 crop."

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