Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The problems with model railroad operations...

One of the problems with model railroad operations, of course, is that it's all book learning. We read the rule book and learn a bit about how things should be done, but unless we read stories by real railroaders, we don't learn how things *really* are done.

Luckily, the infamous Dome of Foam helps out with my education:

Basically, the switchmen's unofficial rulebook, in total, read, "Know what you can get away with." Road crews, on the other hand, were highly educated, their credo being, "Know which rule that you are violating."
I can do that.

For your own education, read the article on How to Get By A Red Automatic Interlocking Signal Using Rule 663bs. You'll find that handy if I ever put signals at my WP crossing.

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