Tuesday, November 5, 2013

History Quiz: Name Those Tanks!

So here's a challenge for all you San Jose historians (and San Jose wannabe-historians): can you identify this business?

The Dome of Foam posted photos of a business that used to be located behind the Lick Mansion off of Montague Expressway in Santa Clara. It's a curious place, with a bunch of large tanks, and some turn-of-the-century frame houses bristling with pipes and pumps and heaters. But what is it? E.O., who runs the Dome of Foam, doesn't know, and my Southern Pacific San Jose SPINS book doesn't cover sidings that far north.

Got a guess? Mail E.O. (address on contest page), and drop a note in the comments here so the rest of us can be educated.

Bonus points if one of the Silicon Valley FreemoN model builders puts a version of the building on their modular layout.

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  1. Here's an aerial photo showing the industry just north of Montague Expressway west of the Guadalupe River.


    It's also not too far from where last year's Google interns supposedly terrorized their neighbors with their hard partying and tricky algorithms questions: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/07/google-interns-are-terrorizing-their-neighbors.html