Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3d Models Available

And if any of you out in blog-reader land are curious about what a 3d model is like, you've now got a chance. I've put some of the 3d designs for things I've been describing here up on the Thingiverse web site. In addition to that 1920's strip mall I built a couple years back, there's now a 3d model for the CS-35 36 foot flat car and for the drying flats.

Each model also has the SketchUp file, so you can modify the design to your heart's content.

Have fun with the models, and let me know if you make anything interesting based on these designs!


  1. This may be a defining moment in the Hobby: A (one of the) first complete 3D-printable prototype car model files to be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license...

  2. I sure hope I'm not the first! But I'm glad I'm sharing the designs; I suspect seeing the sketch up file might inspire others to do their own models.