Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movie Night XXIII: Farewell at San Jose

There's not a lot of sources for photos of the San Jose Market Street railroad station, but we've at least got one motion picture. The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County shared a home-movie from 1927 showing the Normandin family outside the station. Much of the footage of the station gets blocked by all those people in the way (imagine that in a home movie!) but you can see a bit of the station exterior and its stick-style architecture.

Interesting trivia: here's the janitor's cart, probably taken from an old two-wheeled luggage cart. Note the brooms. The actual luggage carts were open, with wood slats for sides.

Some of the shots also show how busy the south side of Bassett was, with bars, hotels, and all the other businesses you'd expect near the railroad station. Most of the photos I've seen make it look like the area in front of the station was much more empty.

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