Sunday, February 5, 2012

Projects for 2012

Well it's time for reflecting on the past year. Right after the Bay Area LD/OPSIG meet in January 2011, I wrote about how I'd held back on risky projects till the meet's operating sessions happened, and then had time for the big, messy, risky projects that might require damaging completed work, or beginning projects that might take several weeks to fix.

So how'd I do on that list of big projects?
  • Add another lighting fixture: Done, three new fixtures added to replace two rusty 1970's fluorescent fixtures. There's now better light over the layout. It's surprising how different the layout can look when the hot spots of lighting change.
  • Break the lower deck into separate power districts. Done, though there's times where they appear to affect each other.
  • Redo the Campbell sidings. Done.
  • Rough in scenery at Vasona Junction.Done. Looks good!
  • Fix dips causing problems for 4-8-0 and 4-6-2's. No work.
  • Continue scenery in Alma. A bit done, but not enough.
  • Strengthen the layout, and relevel. No work.
  • Mine or oil at Alma. No work.
  • Build the Del Monte cannery. No work.
  • Build Ainsley cannery. No work.
  • Fix tortoises in Campbell. Done.
  • Ballast more. Not enough.
That's not too bad, and much more than I expected when I thought to re-check my list. Because last year's to-do list did so well, here's my to-do list for 2012. My big milestone is participating in the invite-only Prorail weekend later this Spring, so I'll probably try to avoid any… destructive rampages… till them.
  • Finish the buildings and scenery at the south end of Campbell. (Station area, Hyde cannery, Sunsweet).

  • Mock up and redo the Abinante and Nola scene) (to be renamed Higgins-Hyde), terrain, and add Los Gatos Creek.
  • Back-date the layout to 1928, and replace the West San Jose depot scene with the building supply warehouse that existed before Diridon station.
  • Buildings and scenery at Del Monte cannery.
  • Extend lower staging another foot so 11-12 car trains will fit comfortably.
  • Mine or oil pumping at Alma.
There's also a bunch of minor issues, probably to be done before ProRail:
  • Redo track around Glenwood that gets more than its fair share of derailments.
  • Redo switches at the west end of Campbell.
  • Improve the rough scenery on the Santa Cruz staging, and cover gaps in the benchwork.
  • Ballast everywhere to help keep track from moving.
  • More trees for Wrights, and perhaps carve out space for the prototype water tank.
  • Reprogram some flaws in the ABS signals.
  • Patch holes and gaps in the scenery and fascia.
  • Keep filling in the orchard around Vasona Junction.
  • Dig and sift lots of dirt from the backyard for continued scenery projects.

Check back next January and see how far I got. And til then, what's your own to-do list for 2012 look like?

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