Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lingering Projects

I'm taking some days off around Christmas, and I'm using the time to get through some lingering projects. The Western Pacific tower at West San Jose got glazing and some details, and it's prety much ready to go on the layout. Here's some current photos.

Note the bicycle against the wall. That came from the scrapbox; I don't even remember what plastic model kit it came from. It's pretty lame - just a flat injection molded piece - but with a bit of paint and Sharpie work to add color, it adds a bit of detail to make the building looked lived-in. Don't completely discount those cheap plastic kits!

Also getting some love and kindness is the Sunsweet Plant #1 in Campbell, which has been lingering half-built for at least a year. The roof went on this week, and as soon as some door castings are added, it'll be ready for some photos as well.

I'm glad for the blog if only to help me keep track of progress. I knew the Sunsweet building had been lingering, but I hadn't thought it had been that long!


  1. Love the details on the roof. And those stairs look even ricketier than the ones I fell through! :-)

  2. And I wasn't even trying to make it rickety. Compare the photos against a surviving WP tower at Niles Junction (Fremont) to see what the tower might have looked like if it had survived into the 1970's: